whos fortune?

my name is caleb sorhaindo, but you can call me fortune, or forti. my mom came up with it. I was born on april 23RD, 1997. grew up in a teen single parent household. mom worked 2 jobs and went to school. that gave me plenty of time to hone down on things I enjoyed. Sports, Video games, dancing, but most importantly music. I recorded my first song in the 10th grade in my friends closet and feel in love with it ever since. i moved to florida in 2015 for my senior year, and started making music again in 2017. This time i realized im actually good at this. started doing shows and growing a fanbase around that time. by the time it was 2018 i was in california chasing a bag. I didnt drop any music until 2019. I realized i had to build my fanbase from the ground up again. brick by brick i've been building my global support from nyc to belgium to japan. and found my sound i was searching so hard for. started growing a strong understanding of the music industry. found my stage presence and understanding how to satisfy your supporters and in turn them willing to spend money on the brand. very soon the stars will align and everything that god put into this universe for me will be here. whoever that comes on this journey with me, i hope are ready for the ride of their life.

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